About Us


Since 1990

From old way to modern way

We remember the handwritten tickets which has become so convenient with the electronic tickets. What a huge leap of advancement – much simplified, but still a bit complex – that is why we are here for you. Call 08-562 65 005.


We understand the good old values 

Things need to be discussed. Human-to-human is natural. For advice,  a second opinion, maybe a recommendation or a suggestion by a professional. To make sure to have a safe journey. That is why we are close to you – physically,  as well easily reachable on phone, shoot us an email, message on messenger or WhatsApp and we naturally respond very fast.  



Super Efficient

We work with dedication and speed.


Deeply Committed

We understand first the need and then fix it.


Highly Experienced

We have done it so long time, so we got it.


Raja Nazam
08-562 65 005

Senior sales officer

Afroza Haque
08-562 65 007

Team Leader


08-562 65 016